Pipe Major Alan J. Harrison
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From the highlands of Scotland

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An unmistakable, unique sound


Few musical instruments stir the emotions more than the Scottish Highland pipes. From atmospheric slow airs and laments to rousing quick marches and foot tapping reels, jigs and strathspeys.


I have a very wide repertoire of tunes for the pipes and can advise you on well known favourites to tunes with a special significance for your occasion and for particular times during your event. I will also endeavour to play special requests if suitable for the pipes. Based on experience, I will normally play selections of tunes of my own choosing to suit the situation and mood and will also position myself accordingly. I have to admit to having brought a tear of joy and emotion to many an eye and to have set people dancing the next.


The times when I play are quite flexible and can be as you would like.  I am used to adapting to the situation at short notice. Much of my time is taken in getting ready, travelling to and from the venues etc so once I am there the times I play and the length of time I am there is fairly flexible, dependant on other commitments.  I can arrange to meet with you, if not too far away, to chat about tunes and play through selections or let you know where I will be playing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to chat about any details.